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Sep 24, 2017 (Sunday)
Guided Meditation with Dogs
Sep 24, 2017 (Sunday)
"Weekly Inspirational Message" Live On Facebook
Sep 26, 2017 (Tuesday)
Facebook - Meet the Animals
Sep 28, 2017 (Thursday)
Libertyville Farmer's Market Meet and Greet
Oct 01, 2017 (Sunday)
Youth Club Meeting
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Farley Finally Goes Home

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Adoption Process

Because we do not have a shelter and have only foster homes, there are two ways to see our pets that are up for adoption -- visit us at an adoption event or submit an application. Below is a detailed look at the adoption process.

Our Adoption Process

  1. You may come to one of our adoption events that are listed on our web site. Come visit the pets then and if you would like to adopt one be sure to give us an application. After an adoption day we have sometimes dozens of applications to weed through. If we think you may be a possible match we will contact you shortly, within a few days. Then we would begin checking your references.
  2. You can fill out an application and send it to us. If you decide to fill out an application we will contact you* and let you know by what we see in your application if we think the pet you picked may be a good match. We may also have questions for you about your application. If we think you might be a good fit, and if you do too after speaking to us, we would set up a time for you to visit the pet in their foster home. We will always try and be honest, fair and have the best interest of the pet and your family at heart.
    • * If we have a dog in our foster system that is getting a high volume of applications, because of time constraints we may not be able to contact each individual applicant. Usually, but not always, those are the small/non-shedding and/or smaller sized purebred/mixed lap dogs. In that case your best bet is to contact us. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with applications for one such dog so please understand in that case that we have many other foster pets plus projects and volunteer work we have to attend to so we may not contact you. If we don't contact you it means that a different family was chosen. BUT that doesn't mean we didn't think that you wouldn't provide a good home for a pet. We can't split a dog in two's, three's or more. Many times we get many good applications for one dog.
  3. If we think you would not be a good match that DOES NOT mean we think you would be a bad pet owner in any way. If you are one of a few who we are considering for an animal, but you do not get chosen, once again this does not mean we think you would be a bad pet owner. Also, if you were not chosen we suggest that you keep a copy of your application in case you see another pet in the future you'd like to adopt. Then you can submit the same application. (Due to space limitations we do not keep applications on file for more than a few weeks.) If you decide after meeting the pet you are no longer interested please let us know that.
  4. Once we find a good home for a pet the adoption can happen very quickly, sometimes within 24 hours. The sooner we find homes for the one's we have the sooner we can save more!
  5. Birds and small animals that are up for adoption rarely go to adoption days because it is stressful on them.
  6. We do accept applications for long distance adoptions, but local adoptions are preferable.

* We are explaining all this so we can be as clear as possible, answer any questions you might have and so there aren't any misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Our main objective is to place pets in homes where they can live out the rest of their lives. Thank you for understanding.

Ready? Fill out our Adoption Application.

The Cost of Adoption

The adoption donation for each pet is listed on their individual bio page. Below is a list of what is included in your pet's adoption from AEAR compared with how much it would cost if you would get it done yourself through a veterinarian.

Estimate at Standard Veterinarian Through AEAR Adoption
~ $250 included Spay/Neuter all animals 5+ months (puppies and kittens will be adopted under the contractual agreement that they will be spayed/neutered by the adopter by the time they reach 5-6 months of age as suggested by our veterinarian)
~ $40 included Vet Wellness Check (when Rabies Vaccination is administered)
~ $20 included Rabies Vaccinations
~ $35 included Other Vaccinations... Dogs: DHPP, Bordetella ; Cats: FVRCP
~ $45 included Health Testing... Dogs: Heartworm Check ; Cats: Feline Leukemia/FIV Check (adult cats and select kittens)
~ $40 included Microchip
~ $19 included Microchip Registration
~ $12 included Preventative Initial Deworming
~ $5 included Heartworm Preventative (per month)
~ $8 included Flea/Tick Preventative (per month)
~ $474 included
in adoption

Plus, the vet cost estimate is only if an animal is healthy. If they arrive ill (which is often the case especially with stray, neglected or abused pets) AEAR usually spends quite a bit more to get them healthy and ready for adoption. As you can see, AEAR's adoption donations barely help defray the costs we incur saving and rehoming pets from our community. This is, of course, not including any of our other expenses relating to our work such as food and housing for homeless pets, van maintenance and gas, and Humane Investigator tools just to name a few. By no means do our adoption donations cover all our expenses. We also have to rely on private donations to continue functioning. Additional donations are always appreciated and accepted. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note: Each pet has different needs and may require more or less medical care depending on their specific health requirements. If you have any questions regarding a pet you are considering adopting, please contact us.

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"We Need Homes!"

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