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The Pets

Cayden is looking for a foster home until a forever home can be found.
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"I'm Available for Adoption"


~ 8 years
Lab Mix
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More about Cayden

Cayden is a lab mix and we estimate his age at around three years old.
Cayden's story is very, very sad. He was born and lived at a shelter in southern, Illinois. He was adopted out and returned numerous times because people said he was "too calm." Then one day a... young woman from Libertyville who was going to school near the shelter volunteered there and heard about the three-year-old dog's story.

The woman spent time with him and her heart went out to him. She found someone in Libertyville to adopt him and brought him there. But because 99% of his life was at a shelter he had no manners, was distant and stayed to himself. Ironically, he's kind of "Echo like." (Echo is the 12 year old dog that was born and lived for nine years at a Iams Dog Food testing lab. Echo is living out his life in our care.)

With good intentions she adopted the dog to the Libertyville family but he was way too muchfor the family because of his behavior. So the young woman's mom Patty took in the dog, then named Henderson originally by the shelter.

Patty lives in a townhouse and was not properly set up or experienced to deal with a dog that had issues walking on leash, being emotionally distant and confused. The third day of having him she took him for a walk, he spooked and backed out of his collar. That was over three weeks ago.

According to her she called the Libertyville police so many times they finally told her to stop calling. They said, "no one reported a dog that they found." According to Patty she called Lake County Animal Control as well.

Meanwhile a week after he had disappeared he appeared just two blocks away in someone's yard. Neighbors called the police numerous times who said that no one had reported their dog missing. The dog would not get close to anyone and would run away when approached. The police came out with a leash twice and walked around calling the dog and then left when the dog wouldn't come to them.

A neighbor picked up a humane trap from animal control (to the deposit of $250.00) and set it up in their yard. Another neighbor called us. We went out there and found out numerous neighbors were feeding the dog so of course he wasn't going to go in the trap. We moved the trap to where the dog was staying most often and told people to stop feeding him.

The next day he was caught! Lucky for him he was microchipped and we were able to locate Patty two blocks away. Patty was so relieved that Henderson was okay but was in over her head so we agreed to take Henderson, work on his issues and rehome him. Patty said, "we were just trying to do a good thing."

Cayden (his new name) is currently in our office but needs a foster home. Let's make this sweet dog's life only the best from now on. Let's too find a family for him that will love him forever. He deserves it.
4-16-12 UPDATE:  Cayden has come a long, long way in his foster home.  he is learning to play with toys, romp with his doggy siblings and hang our inside with the family.  Pretty soon we hope he'll be ready to go to a new home!!

Want to meet Cayden? The first step is to fill out an Adoption Application. Learn more about our Adoption Process. The adoption donation for Cayden is $300. For details about our adoption donation, read The Cost of Adoption.

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