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"I'm Available for Adoption"


~ 8 years
Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix
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8-10-12  About five days ago I posted about a chihuahua/Italian greyhound who was left outside of animal control in a crate and with a cast on her leg.  Well, we took her to the vet who x-rayed her leg and said that the area that was broken looks like it may not be healing properly.

To top that off the cast that she had on (not sure if the first one was homemade) was rubbing causing a horrible sore on her leg exasperating her problems.  Then to make matters more challenging she got the cast off last night.  I received a call at 3 a.m. from the foster mom.  She was in a panic.

After assessing the situation I determined that it could wait the few hours until the animal hospital opens.  Today the animal hospital re-bandaged the cast and told us to come back in ten days for a re-check, a possible new x-ray and to determine what to do next.

This little dog, we named Misha, is about the sweetest and most patient little dog imaginable.  She never frets or cries or causes trouble.  We are just amazed at her little personality. 

We are setting up a Chip In on Misha's page on our web site.  We really don't know at this point what the cost will be.  The best scenario she just needs time and vet checks and x-rays to fix the leg.  At worst she will need surgery, which I cringe at that:(  I will set the cost at the low end to try and be optimistic and then adjust the goal as needed.  Thank you for considering helping Misha!

Want to meet Misha? The first step is to fill out an Adoption Application. Learn more about our Adoption Process. The adoption donation for Misha is $300. For details about our adoption donation, read The Cost of Adoption.

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