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Jul 27, 2017 (Thursday)
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Jul 30, 2017 (Sunday)
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Libertyville Farmer's Market Meet and Greet
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"I'm Available for Adoption"


~ 9 years
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Binky is an adorable 8-10 pound chihuahua. She is good with dogs, cats and kids once she gets to know them. She is very loving with her caretakers. Binky has a medical condition where she leaks urine. It would take a special family willing to keep her in diapers and/or get medical care for her condition. Our organization has already paid hundreds of dollars in testing to see what is wrong with her and so far we have not found an answer. We cannot justify spending any more money at this point.

5/21/09 UPDATE: Binky has these adorable pink diapers with ruffles. But there is no convincing her that they are adorable. When she sees us get one out she runs for the hills. When we coax her out of hiding she reluctantly stays while we slip one on her. Then she sits with her ears back and quiet like she's being punished. She is so funny! She's like a little kid. But in all seriousness if Binky wants to be on a lap she needs her diaper on. Her "leaking" has no consistency. Sometimes she leaks very little and sometimes a puddle. That is the biggest issue with her. Behaviorally she is the sweetest thing under the sun. Great with everyone and as sweet as sweet gets.

10/18/09 UPDATE Binky is doing just fine in her foster home. While her medical condition hasn't changed she is always making her foster family laugh. She jumps up on the back of their chairs and jumps on their shoulders and licks them, so cute! She loves playing with the other little dog in the house and crawls on top of one of the big dogs to nap.

8/10/10  Sorry for the long time between updates.  Things are busy, busy.  Binky is still doing just fine in her foster home.  She seems to be having less leaking but still unpredictible.  If someone was willing to manage the situation they would get a great dog. 

9-11-11 UPDATE:  Binky is still with us.  No one has expressed interest in her in a long time.  She seems to be leaking urine much less the last six months.  Could she be outgrowing it?  In any case she is a happy girl and still waiting...

4-16-12  No one has showed any interest in Binky.  At this point we are thinking is it even right to move her from the home she lives in?



Binky, a Chihuahua and terrier mix, came to live with AEAR over two years ago when her owners gave her up.  Binky, we learned, would sometimes urinate while resting, not even realizing she was doing it.  So we took her to the vet and had some testing done.  The doctor was unable to determine what her issues were.  While Binky doesn’t leak urine as often anymore she still does at times. 


Binky is a sweet and loving little dog.  She is living Sandy.  She thinks Sandy and her family is her family.  “It would be very hard to see Binky go to a new home but if the right family comes along and is willing to deal with her urine issues and will give her more attention than we can I’d gladly send her off.  Until or if then she is welcome here.”


Want to meet Binky? The first step is to fill out an Adoption Application. Learn more about our Adoption Process. The adoption donation for Binky is $300. For details about our adoption donation, read The Cost of Adoption.


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Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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