April 1, 2015
She Was Their Princess
This morning I received a call from a woman named Maria whose miniature poodle was very sick. She said that the dog had stopped eating and drinking. She could not afford any medical care for the dog and was willing to give the dog up... more

April 1, 2015
Emergency Help Needed
Emergency Help Needed. You all know I pick very carefully when to reach out for help. Now is the time I need it. I received a call from a woman who has a ten-year-old toy poodle that is very sick. She said she took the dog... more

April 1, 2015
Second Annual Spirit Walk
A Spirit Walk For Animals “Twelve months of Hope” By Sandy Kamen Wisniewski, Founder of Animal Education and Rescue   It's been almost 12 years since I started Animal Education and Rescue. I can't believe it. In one sense it feels much shorter and yet in another it... more

March 30, 2015
Former AEAR Cat Gives Back Over And Over Again
Oscar was one of seven cats we rescued from a terrible hoarder situation many years ago. All the cats were very sick. They lived at the animal hospital for months. Oscar and some others have FIV. But Oscar's luck would change when he and his brother... more

March 28, 2015
Message of Hope For Animals In April Presentation
Animal Education Animal Rescue is hosting a presentation on April 25th at Cook Park in Libertyville, IL. The event, which is scheduled from 1:00 until 3:00pm, is part of an effort to raise awareness of animal abuse and neglect in Lake County. At the presentation Sandy... more

March 22, 2015
Love With All Your Heart
Hovering my fingers over the keys on this computer I can't believe what I am about to write on this Sunday morning. But here it is... Max got adopted. The very day about two years ago or so I sat in the garage on an old couch... more

March 6, 2015
Zoey needs serious medical attention
We just found out Zoey will need a tumor removed.  Please help us raise money for her blood work, surgery on a tumor and misc. medical charges.  ... more

March 5, 2015
Dexter was rescued from Waukegan animal control.  He has been quite a mess.  He has high blood pressure which is rare in dogs. It could be kidney or heart issues.  We are doing some tests to determine what the issues are.  He also didn't do... more

March 3, 2015
Sugar needs us
Sugar Needs Us I just received a call from a woman who's mother died and she was left with her mother's dog, a senior toy fox terrier. She said she has allergies in her house and can't keep the dog. She doesn't know what to do... more

January 29, 2015
Aura & Frosty
"Aura, Frosty, now tonight you cannot bug us when we are sleeping," foster mom warns her kittens. "It's okay if you want to cuddle but, Aura," Mom looks straight at Aura trying hard to look stern, "no biting or scratching." "But it's fun, Mom." Aura says... more

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