January 29, 2015
Teddy needs surgery
Please Help Teddy Teddy has a perineal hernia. It's not an option not to fix it. As it is he is straining terribly to poop and is very uncomfortable. The doctor did drain the big pocket if feces but it is already filling up again. Sorry, I... more

January 11, 2015
Friday night Mona's seizures would not stop. She was rushed to the Emergency room for treatment. Here is the update for 1-10-15... Mona has not had any seizures today, I am happy and relieved to report. She is still groggy/tipsy from her rough day and medication yesterday. Chuck and... more

December 29, 2014
Sad State For Rabbits
Sad State For Rabbits Most animal lovers understand the overpopulation problem with dogs and cats. We know we need to stop unplanned pregnancies and encourage spaying and neutering cats and dogs. But what so many people don't know about is that there is a huge overpopulation... more

December 27, 2014
Lucy's Christmas
Lucy's First Real Christmas Looking at Lucy as her foster dad hugs her I couldn't help but think of where she came from and where she is today. She still bares the deep scars on the outside from a horrible past and her heart-wounds are still somewhat... more

December 27, 2014
Peace Love & Rescue
With Peace And Love What a memorable Christmas it has been. Yesterday I was thrilled to see so many people turn out for the pet therapy at the nursing home. Whole families joined us with smiling faces and holiday cheer. When we were leaving, Christi, one of... more

December 22, 2014
Pets as gifts
Pets/Cats As Gifts For The Holidays--IMPORTANT PLEASE SHARE! Giving adult cats a chance Some rescues/shelters/humane societies frown upon adopting a pet for the holidays. They think that people will take that pet home impulsively and not think through their decision. Frankly, we think that's flawed thinking. Let... more

December 19, 2014
Lydia Needs a Dental
Lydia needs her teeth cleaned and some pulled.... more

December 9, 2014
Goo Update
Goo Update I wanted to give everyone a Goo update. Yesterday afternoon I took Magoo to see Dr. Rogers over at Animal Hospital of Gurnee. I wanted a second opinion on his cough. Goo had a persisted cough and originally I thought it might be kennel cough.... more

December 1, 2014
Angel the poodle
Safe but a matted mess. Ten year old poodle. Owner was going to put her to sleep because she "couldn't take care of her anymore." Poor thing. She had her for ten years. It was tonight at 7 p.m. that I drove to Waukegan outside of... more

November 27, 2014
Hope is heartowm positive
Hope Is Heartworm Positive Just heard from the animal hospital that Hope testing a strong positive for heartworm. Very sad news. One challenge after another with Hope. To treat the heart worm will cost roughly $250.00. Without treatment she will die. The recovery time is long...I... more

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