November 27, 2014
Hope is heartowm positive
Hope Is Heartworm Positive Just heard from the animal hospital that Hope testing a strong positive for heartworm. Very sad news. One challenge after another with Hope. To treat the heart worm will cost roughly $250.00. Without treatment she will die. The recovery time is long...I... more

November 27, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, a day to remember to be thankful for what we kind of day. I wish every day was thanks and giving day. If every day was thanks and giving day maybe there would be no war and no world fighting. Maybe there... more

November 26, 2014
Zeus gets ready for the vet
"No, way, Mama, you wouldn't." "Zeusie boy there are some necessary evils." "But Mom," Zeus gets that I-am-a-big-boy tone, "nothing. I get nothing this morning?" ... "No sweetie, can't." "Just a little kibble?" "Nope," mom shakes her head sadly. "Okay then, canned?" "Not a spoonful." "Okay," he says desperation appearing all over his face,... more

November 26, 2014
Hope's Journal
Hope's First Walk Lesson #1 in getting to know a dog that comes into rescue With it drizzling just lightly I decided to take Hope for her first walk. She readily went with me after I snapped the leash on her. ... Here's what I learned so far: 1.... more

November 25, 2014
Use AmazonSmile to Help AEAR
Shop at AmazonSmile... more

October 11, 2014
Five Urgent Animals Adopted
Five Urgent Animals Adopted!!! About two weeks ago I announced that we were not taking in any more animals until at least five of our most urgent animals got adopted. Of those animals Joey, Eileen, Nolan, Fergus and as of today Oreo the rabbit got adopted.... more

October 8, 2014
Raji Needs Medical
Raji has been leaking urine as of late and needs some tests done to determine if she has a urinary tract infection and/or bladder stones.  We are in need of donations to pay for the tests.... more

October 6, 2014
Ziggy Needs His Teeth Cleaned
Little Ziggy, a chihuahua we took in recently is now finally eating and gaining weight.  Pretty soon he'll be able to get his teeth cleaned which he needs to have done very badly.  (We anticipate he'll need quite a few pulled.)  There is no doubt... more

October 2, 2014

August 1, 2014
Please Help Us Help Gizmo
I just received a call from a woman who has a one-year-old Pomeranian and dachshund mix. She called desperate to get help for her dog. Her dog has not eaten since yesterday morning, is lethargic and has been throwing up. This last time it was... more

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