The Diary of a Humane Investigator

April 18, 2010

It’s 6:35 a.m. on Sunday.  Today John, one of my partners, and I are going to conduct a few investigations.  One is a complaint that someone is moving or moved (not sure which) and two dogs living outside at the residence are not being taken care of.  The other is a follow up on a dog that is living in a garage in filthy conditions.  We’ll look through our case files and see if I’ve missed any other follow-ups that should be done.

It might seem strange but I really look forward to going out on investigations.  It’s exciting to me knowing that I might be able to really help out some animals today.  The other things that I never would have thought of prior to becoming a humane investigator but I really do meet some decent people. 

Don’t get me wrong, many of the people I meet are down right the lowest of low but others are just simple people who need some educating.  What really surprised me early on were the people who invited us into their homes and offered us a seat and were willing to learn what they needed to do to comply.

We travel all over Lake County and more to help an animal.  We go into the poorest of poor neighborhoods, which is where many of our investigations are.  It is scary because in those towns crime, gangs and drugs are higher than in the more affluent towns.  But even in the towns where crime isn’t as high we still have to be just as careful when knocking on someone’s door.

Each morning before investigations I remind myself to keep my guard up, be observant of everything around me, rely on my partner and not to hesitate to call the police if I need back up.

Now I am gathering what I need together; my badge, uniform, bulletproof vest, camera, video camera and paperwork.  While I do this I picture my family in my mind, particularly my sweet-as-chocolate-cake (my dessert of choice) and the man that makes me swoon, my grandson Danny.  I think of how he needs me and that for him particularly I need to be safe.

Well, I have to let Sophie — one of my foster dogs, inside now and feed her.   Then I’ll check the van to make sure we have enough crates, leashes, dog and cat food and blankets. 

It’s exciting to know I may be making a difference in the life of an animal today.  I am a lucky girl to be able to do this.  Yes, I am one lucky girl.

Date: April 18, 2010
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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