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Oct 24, 2017 (Tuesday)
Facebook - Meet the Animals
Oct 28, 2017 (Saturday)
Meet and Greet at Pet Smart
Oct 28, 2017 (Saturday)
Riverwoods Halloween Party
Oct 29, 2017 (Sunday)
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Oct 31, 2017 (Tuesday)
Facebook - Meet the Animals
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Delilah Needs a Home

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A Celebration of Six Years

Animal Education and Rescue celebrates six years of saving animals and changing lives at their volunteer appreciation party this October 2009. The volunteers surprised AEAR founder, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski... [more] View All Journal Entries


Message From The Founder/Director

Dear Friends:

When I began Animal Education and Rescue my number one goal was to create a venue for education and thus promote through education change.  That’s why I always say that, “education is in our name and comes before rescue.”  If we educate then we have to do less rescue! 

As a teacher at heart I believe strongly in educating in general.  Particularly educating children will make future generations be better to each other, to animals and the world around them.  That’s why I developed a youth club, as well as routinely speak in schools and to scout troops about responsible pet ownership, how to approach animals properly, the over population dilemma and more. 

But educating adults is important as well.  We are never too old to learn if we keep an open mind.  Anyone can change at any age so I never stop trying to teach adults “new tricks.”  I take every opportunity I can to educate, whether in a formal or informal setting. 

There are many other opportunities for me to educate.  As a humane investigator my first goal when speaking to owners whom are not treating their animal as they should is to try and educate them.  Whenever I do speaking engagements whether formal or informal I always take the opportunity to teach people at the very least one new thing.  If an opportunity arises at the grocery store or at the park to educate I take it!

This month is a big one for educating people.  I am speaking to three girl scout troops, teaching my class on abuse and neglect of animals, hosting the thank you dinner for the attorney’s, staff and volunteers who helped with the case against Diane Ulrup plus our normal monthly activities such as our meet and greet, which always offers the chance to educate, the Wendy’s fundraisers and the Furfest fundraiser.  Phew!  But knowing that we can help animals now and in the future through educating makes it all worth it.

This month is Thanksgiving.  The thing I love most about it is the idea of being thankful.  I am thankful for all the people in my life that I love dearly.  I am thankful for Animal Education and Rescue for all that our volunteers do.  I am so very thankful that everyone I love is healthy. 

So, with that I will say with all my heart I am thankful that you are reading this.  I know if you are reading this you are someone who supports my efforts.   That means so much to me.  Thank you for your ongoing support for Animal Education and Rescue. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, be well and be happy,
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Date: November 17, 2011
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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