Happy Anniversary Phoenix


Bill, one of our humane investigators, was in training prior to getting his license when I called him to go with me on investigations on a mild Sunday morning.  Bill’s dog Harley had died recently after a long illness and Bill was still trying to heal from the loss.  Harley, a pit bull, mastiff mix, was a big part of the Wittenberg family.  She was even active as an AEAR volunteer, attending pet therapy sessions with us at the local nursing home.

For some reason I felt compelled to encourage Bill that he needed to come with me on investigations.  It was that day that after the third investigation a little pup that looked just like Harley was tied to a lawnmower in a trailer park community in someone’s yard.

The pup’s owners claimed that the dog just “showed up one day” and they were “trying to give her away.”  We agreed to take her and before I could even reach down to scoop her up Bill had her in his arms.  Here is an update on Phoenix.

By Bill Wittenberg, Phoenix’s dad

Phoenix has been sort of a double edged sword for me and I'm sure even for my family in many ways. The physical similarities (except for overall size) between her and Harley elicit constant memories that are both good and sometimes sad. Luckily the sad as is natural passes as so does time. The personality differences are many, but her love of life whether it be people, dogs, chipmunks, walks, car rides, food time, playtime, or the anything-you-want-boss time is familiar and comforting.

She does though far surpass most canines that I ever had or known that I would have put in the goofy/off-the-wall dog category. I appreciate her “it's a brand new day”, “time to get up” and “enjoy it” attitude, but I could do without the 5:30-6 AM wake up moans, growls and barks every day, no matter what time of the evening she is let out the night before.

Nylabones strategically placed on the pillows work well at getting my attention. Maybe with time this too shall pass. All and all I never thought I had another puppy in me, (so far it hasn't killed me) let alone have a dog so physically similar to one so recently passed.  But just as with the rest of my life there may have been things I could have done smarter, differently, bigger, better, faster, etc but then all of those things we do in each of our lives is what makes us, us. So without adopting

Phoenix, I'd never be the same, or is it without her I'd be sane? Whatever. So RIP Harley and Happy 1St Anniversary to dear Phoenix with many more I hope to come.


Date: June 10, 2012
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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