Still Waiting...

Narrator: 'Tis the sixth day before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring....not even Kaila...

"Kaila, what's the matter sweetie?" Foster mom asks.

"Just sad," Kaila says forlornly.

"Why baby?"


"Give me a hint," foster mom says squatting down beside the graying, be-speckled dog. Foster mom strokes Kaila's soft coat gently.

"Sometimes, sometimes...oh never mind."

"Sometimes..." Mom prompts.

Kaila looks up at her foster mom with those sad, sad dark eyes and says, "sometimes I still miss my first mom. But her face is fading and I can't hardly see her or hear her anymore. Sometimes, sometimes I can still smell her."

Mom looks at Kaila with such sadness in her eyes. "It was very hard for her to give up you and your sister Katy when she got sick. But she was really brave, Kaila, she didn't want you to go into the wrong hands after she died. She wanted to be sure you and Katy were safe beforehand."

"Do you think she died?" Kaila asks, a look on her face that would break your heart.

"I don't know honey but I suppose it's possible. But I can tell you she loved you an awful lot." Foster mom sits down on the ground beside Kaila and strokes her. They sit like that in silence for a while. Then Mom asks, "is there anything else making you sad?"

"I don't want to tell you."

"Honey, you can tell me anything."

She looks up at her foster mom and then down on the ground, a mixture of sadness and bashfulness in her eyes. "Since my first mom gave me up I lived with my first foster dad for a long time. I thought that was going to be my home and that we would be there forever. But then one day you came and picked us up and we went to live here with you. It's been hard, Mom, I'm sorry but it has. All this moving around."

A lump grows in foster mom's throat. She was worried the moves had affected the girls. But there was no choice. No one had stepped up to adopt them and they could no longer stay with their first foster dad. She knew she did what she had to but she also knew it couldn't have been easy. She also knows she can't keep them forever...that another move was inevitable. But she can only hope and pray that the next home is their forever home and before too long. And that the girls can go together. She sighs deeply, the kind of sigh that you need to do when your heart is heavy. "Yes, sweetie, I know it's been so hard. And we are working really hard to try and get a home for you and your sister soon."

Kaila looks at her mom and a hint of hope twinkles in her eyes, "do you think..."

"Yes, Kaila?"

"Do you think we'll have a place for Christmas?" She looks in her mom's eyes. Searching her mom's eyes for the answer she wants badly...for the word "yes" to come out of her mouth, hoping against hope.

"You know, my girl, we have to believe that what is meant to be will be." Kaila looks down at the ground again, defeated. "Listen here, girlfriend," mom says now with a note of sternness in it, "you know I love you, right?"

"Yes," she says sadly.

"You have to trust when the time is right it will happen. Meanwhile you have your sister."

Kaila looks over at her sister Katy sound asleep on the couch. Her heart grows big and with that happy hurt that comes with loving someone so very much. "I love Katy," she says.

"Just know, Kaila, that you are loved. By me, your sister, everyone at Animal Education and Rescue and some day, hopefully soon, by your new family. Now, that's something to be very grateful for." She wraps her arms around the dog and adds, You, my dear, are one lucky dog. You have love surrounding you, now and always."

Kaila leans into the hug and sighs... the kind of sigh where the heavy weight you were carrying lightens, just a little. She slowly gets up and walks over to the couch and jumps up onto it and right up against her sister Katy. Katy opens her eyes for a moment and looks at her sister and then closes her eyes again. Kaila nestles in closer, closes her eyes and sleeps.

The end

Date: December 18, 2013
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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