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Dear Friends of Animal Education and Rescue,

The holidays are a joy-filled time of year, shared with dear, dear family and special friends.  It’s a time to reflect on what was, what is and what can be.  It’s a time for us to be thankful for what we have as well as dream about what wonderful things may in store for us in the future.

When I think of the plans for AEAR's future I can just visualize in my mind… our place, the place we have nicknamed "The Village," where we will continue to do the vitally important work we are doing every day now but on a much bigger scale...helping many more people and animals in our communities.  I hope you too can see that and see the importance of our goal.

Another dream, actually more of a wish I have, is for some of our animals that have been with us for so long to find new, loving homes.  It’s not nearly as grand of a wish as The Village but it is important to not only the animals that are still waiting but to all those animals waiting behind for that foster home to open up for them before it’s too late.

If you go onto our web site, on the main page, there are a list of animals that have been with us six months or longer.  One of our supporters, Classic Windows Inc., of Libertyville has generously offered to pay half of the adoption fee of any animal adopted out before January 1, 2014. 

As I write this I look to my right and Echo is lying on his crib mattress sleeping.  Because of all the people that have financially supported us Echo has been able to live out his life with me, the only human he has really bonded with.  At 15-years-old, Echo, a former Iams dog food testing dog may be sharing his last Christmas with us.  While the thought of that makes me so sad it literally hurts my heart I am comforted in knowing that he finally found a home, after ten long years.  That’s a long time to be alone.  He will never be alone again. 

The “world of rescue” is a very tough business to be in.  I often say that the high’s and low’s we go through mimic bi-polar disorder.  The highs are amazing and the lows make you feel like you have to dig yourself out of a hole.  People often ask me “how do you do it?” 

First, I’ll say it’s not for everyone.  But I have learned a way to continue to do this and not lose my mind in the process.  I concentrate on the positive and let go of the negative.  I cry if I have to and laugh and smile a lot.  I share my time with like-minded people and have been witness to miracle after miracle.  Really, it’s all about mind set and attitude if you ask me.  I really do feel blessed.  Blessed for the people around me, the animals that have shared a bit of their lives with me and lastly and just as importantly…you.  Thank you for caring and being there for us.

Merry Christmas and happy belated Hanukah to you all.

Be happy,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski


 Echo 12-24-13



Date: December 24, 2013
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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