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Binky has four fractures in her foot

Binky Has Serious Fractures

If you've followed us long enough you may know Binky, an eight-year-old chihuahua mix. We rescued her from Waukegan animal control where she was given up by her owner seven years ago.

You don't often see posts anymore about Binky because frankly, I try to post more often the adoptable dogs and not so often the long term animals that will more than likely live long term at the orphanage. We have had Binky so long because she is incontinent. Early... on we ran a bunch of tests and the vet was not able to determine what the problem is. So we just deal with it. But of course as soon as people hear she's incontinent they run for the hills. And I can understand that.

Anyway, Binky has lived at the orphanage the entire time we have been her guardian. Yesterday morning I went out for a bit and came back and found that Binky was limping. I have no clue what happened. Examining closer I noticed a bit of blood on both her from and back paw and she was not using the back leg to walk at all.

So I gave her some anti-inflammatory meds and cleaned it and hoped for the best. But today she wasn't putting any more weight on it so this afternoon I decided she needed to go to see Dr. Derrick.

I just got back a short while ago and it is NOT good news. She has four fractures in her back foot. She will need surgery and our primary vet doesn't do it. So that means a special vet which means a lot of money:( This kind of stuff seriously puts me in a panic...I have to talk myself through a panic attack.

The doctor wrapped up her back leg and she's on antibiotics and pain medication. But the surgery has to be done in days. (Breath, Sandy.) She's clearly unhappy and she's on cage rest.

Tomorrow I will call Dr, Rudowski at Fox Lake Animal Hospital to see what the next step is. It's a long drive to go to and from there but the cost is way better than some of the other specialty places in the area.

As soon as I know the game plan I will let you all know. If you can see it in your heart to donate for Binky's surgery we'd be so grateful. I will put a chip in on our site with what I estimate to be what the cost might be (on the low, low end) and will correct it once I get a true estimate. (I am confident it will be more than $500.00.)

You know...I wish for all the dogs at the orphanage to have homes where they don't have to share attention with everyone else. In Binky's case she's made due with her life at the orphanage and we do all we can for her. She has a good life...maybe not the same as a "regular" home but she's loved and happy.

If you are able and willing to make a donation you can do so on our web site at We'll get a chip in up there ASAP. Thank you as always for your continued support and love of these animals that otherwise...well...who knows what would have happened to them...

Date: July 29, 2015
Posted By: Sandy

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