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Help Save Tucker the Kitten

Six-Week-Old Kitten Has Broken Legs

We Need Your Help

Today we took an urgent call from a woman that rescued a six-week-old kitten from the middle of a road that was flooded. She thought the kitten had been hit by a car.

The kitten is at the vet right now and tragically both back legs are broken. We have named him Tucker. He is a mess. He has a very bad upper respiratory infection but the big concern is his broken legs.

In order to consider saving him the first step is x rays. I am going on faith we will raise the money with your help. Once the doctor gets a better idea of the extent of the breaks we can figure out what to do from there. If we are to save him surgery, the doctor said, would be likely.

He has a foster home lined up. Heather, his new foster mom, is with him. Heather named the little guy Tucker. She says, "he's pitiful." But I know Heather and she is an outstanding foster mom so I know she will do whatever she can to help him.

But in order to save him we need donations. X rays, exam, FIV test, medication and microchip is about $225.00. We have no idea what the surgery will cost at this point. We aren't even sure at this point if that will be a possibility.

If you can make a donation towards Tucker's medical care please go to our web site and make a donation online at Please don't wait for a chip in to be up (although there will be one as soon as we can). Just put "for Tucker" in the memo section.

Please keep little Tucker in your thoughts and prayers. Let's make a miracle happen for this little black kitten.

Date: July 14, 2017
Posted By: Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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