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Adopted in June of 2012
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Hi Sandy! Do you know what day it is?? It's my "Gotchya" Day! Three years ago you sent me to my forever home. That was a good day. My parents came to get me from Mary Ann's house, and when we got to our house my mom and I played with a ball while my dad was at work! Things are going well for my family and I. We're still in Rhode Island, but mom says we are moving again next month. I'm turning into a real "Navy Brat" huh? We are supposed to move to some place called San Diego. Mom says there will be a ton of things for us to do there! She's excited, so I'm excited. Plus my friend Buster lives there now and I really want to see him again! I tried to make a new friend here, when my mom's friends got a puppy. I didn't like her. She had too much energy and wouldn't stop jumping and biting! Mom laughed and said I was just like that when I was a puppy. I don't believe her, I've always been a perfect angel! I know you can back me up on that. In other news, I'm on something called a diet, and it's amazing! My normal food was so boring, but now I get these delicious things called green beans twice a day! And at lunch mom puts coconut oil on them! It helped me lose 5lbs, and mom says I need to lose about 10 more. I don't mind as long as I get to keep eating green beans, they're the best!! I've also been doing yoga with my mom (well, she does yoga, I watch, sit on her, and give her kisses to let her know I support her!) I'm really popular on Instagram because of our yoga together. 
Well, I think that's it from me today. Aside from moving again soon, going on a yummy diet, and becoming "InstaFamous" there isn't a whole lot going on! I hope you're well!
Lots of Love!

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